What material are the coasters made of?
Studio Vertu’s marble fine giftware line is all made using tumbled Botticino marble. This marble typically comes from Italy. Our quarry is located Verona, Italy.

Our hand decoupage line of glassware is manufactured using glass made in the USA.

Do the coasters absorb moisture?
No, the coasters are made from Italian Marble, mountains do not absorb moisture. Can you image the mess! Our proprietary process encourages liquids to bead-up on your coasters surface. Our experience with the coasters that do absorb is that after absorbing moisture, the image begins to fade and mold. Plus who wants that red wine imbedded in the image!

How is the image put on the surface?
The image is hand-printed onto the surface of the rock using a combination of our proprietary inks and finishing process. Because the stone is naturally slightly porous, the image is “grabbed” or absorbed by the surface of the stone so it does not peel or flake.

How do you clean the marble?
The best method for cleaning is with a damp soft sponge or cloth. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners or pads, this will scratch the image. A tiny spritz of a gentle glass cleaner such as Windex will also clean them right up. Do not put in dishwasher – not because of the heat or the water but because the cork will peel off and nobody wants that!

How do the coasters come packaged?
The coasters do not have any special packaging, they come bulk shipped. Our case back holds either 80 pieces (20 sets) or a half case which holds 40 pieces (10 sets). Ordering in either full or half size cases will always provide the most reasonable shipping cost. Our case boxes are specifically designed to prevent damage and protect the merchandise.

Over the years our experience is that packaging gets in the way of showing the images and the look and feed of fine marble giftware. We manufacture a “look and feel” product, it is hard to differentiate the beauty and heft if your customers can’t feel the product.

Many of our retailers sell single pieces so customers can mix and match their own set – not just the way we designed them to further personalize a gift.   We offer packaging options at an additional cost for both single coasters, sets of coasters, magnets, ornaments, and a lovely presentation box if you want to use them as wrapping stock or for a special event. Please ask your Sales resource for further details.

Can you purchase the tiles without backs?
All of our tiles can be purchased with no backing, just specify this on your order. This is especially critical if you are installing the tiles. Trivets are supplied with either a masonite and hanger back or cork backing as well.

Can the tiles be used for a backsplash?
Our tiles make beautiful backsplashes. Simply order with no backs, mount to the wall with a construction adhesive, grout with non-sanded grout and seal. We also sell the field tile to complete your project and maintain the same beautiful tumbled marble finishes. Just ask your Sales resource for special washed blank pricing. Washed blanks are available in sizes 2”, 4” and 8”.

Do most retailers sell the coasters in the set or individually?
For the most part, it’s a 50/50 split. There are some customers who feel a single coaster at $10.95 – $12.95. each is just too small of an average sale – these retailers sell the coasters in the sets. Winery and Museum customers tend to retail the coasters as a single item. We have found that the retailers who sell the coasters individually tend to sell more overall volume. Remember you can always backfill your stock for a particular popular image

What are your best sellers?
We get asked this all the time and I know it is very frustrating when we say …well that depends on your location and the type of establishment you have! The great news is that between our extensive line and with your imagination for custom we can create a bestselling category brand for you!

In general anything to do with location perform very strong. Our line of area code, city pride, state pride, or “symbols” of the area and of course your local Major League Baseball team are always a great place to start. Hmmmm, interesting that alcohol related topics are equally strong so everything from martini, wine labels, prohibition to vintage absinthe tends to do very well. Last but not least general beauty – the florals, fauna and prints and patterns add to any décor and tend to be a conversation starter even in the finest of furnished homes.  

Do you have any (fill-in the blank) images?
Having produced images for over 21 years we have seen some pretty crazy, some very clever, and some really lovely designs. Since most sets are comprised of four unique images we have thousands of little pieces of artwork to select from. Our licensed artists help us round out the collections with their unique looks and perspectives including the European esthetic from our friends at Studio Vertu Europe. We like to think that we have images that could fit any theme…and if we don’t now, we can create them. Please just add a comment to your order if you are looking for something you can’t find and let us do the search work for you.

Do you offer custom and what are the minimums?
Yes we offer custom printing – it’s quick and easy. (please see website section on Custom) There is a one-time set-up fee which covers a hard sample. Once the sample is approved each additional custom set is priced the same as our stock sets. Custom images can be used across the product line so we will scale your artwork for trivets (8”), coasters, hooks and clocks (4”) and magnets, wine stoppers and ornaments (2”).

Once your custom image is approved and coded by us the lead time for your custom order is no different than if you ordered from our Collections. Please do not send original artwork since we can’t take responsibility for it to be safely returned to you. Also please bear in mind and respect all copyright and trademark restrictions.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from Newport, Kentucky.   Most orders are shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. A handling fee is still charged for orders shipped on a 3rd party freight account.

Do we drop ship and if so is there a drop ship fee?
We have extensive drop ship experience and do drop ship orders every single day. Due to the special nature and handling of these orders there is a drop ship fee. We can also accommodate your custom packing slip if you so desire. Contact your Sales person for details or call us at 859-261-0238.

What if my product arrives damaged?
We are always regretful if for any reason something is unsatisfactory. It is important that you are able to educate your customer that our "look" and the product itself is tumbled, so the rustic edges and pitting is not a defect. The tumbling process is an added expense to our product but we love the authentic rock look and feel it gives our products.

Broken Tiles
Due to the nature of the rock there can be fissions that the human eye cannot see that  will open up - cracking a tile during shipment due to the movement of transit. If something is broken in shipment we are more than happy to replace it for you.  Just give us a call or send us a note here on the website referencing the order or invoice number along with a photo and we will replace at no charge for you,PRONTO!  You can also send your photos and information to contact@studiovertu.com and Customer Service will be happy to assist you. Requests will be honored for up to 7 business days from receipt.  After that we can’t honor the no charge replacement policy but are happy to replace your tile on a fee basis.








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